Tel Aviv: Over 100 years old and still kicking.

Before we learned that “sharing is caring”  and before there were Hippies to introduce us to a different way of life, a big and new concept arrived to a little place in the Middle East: The Kibbutz.


The Kibbutz is a collective community based on agriculture, which was invented in Israel more than 100 years ago. Israel is often called “The startup nation” for the large number of startups in relation to country’s population, and in many ways, the Kibbutz was the first (of many to come) startup.

An average Israeli can take a short walk in one of the main crowded streets of Tel Aviv (we recommend a short walk, because of the hot and humid weather most of the year). He or she can also expect to  come across at least one person that they know and have the opportunity to great each-other with a warm Israeli “Hello” (or “Ahalan”). Due to the small size of our country,  the sense of community is deeply inherent in our DNA as a nation.


Since 2006, the world started to work together in shared spaces. In Israel, we only just began to do it sometime around the year 2010, in Tel Aviv. We’re all unsure why, (it’s not like us to be such late adaptors) but since 2010, we Israelis compensate for the lost years, by increasingly choosing to work in shared working spaces.

We, the Israelis, are known for our casual way of communicating. From the moment we discovered the joy and productivity of working among community of entrepreneurs, we just can’t get enough!
Working hubs open in Israel at an accelerated rate, and answer the need of many entrepreneurs who are looking for an inspiring environment, where they can share knowledge and build new and exciting connections.  So it seemed silly for us at Spaces to ignore this delightful opportunity.


A shared working space is not just a place to work in. The main advantage of it is the opportunity to create and to be a part of a real community of people and ideas. That is why it’s no wonder Israelis like it so much. It combines two of the things we love the most (beside Hummus): community and innovation. The Kibbutz is all that and more besides. With so many young and creative people living in Tel Aviv and its surroundings, bringing the Kibbutz state of mind to the big city makes sense. Instead of rising early in the morning to milk cows – you can work around the clock (on your own terms) to improve your product. Instead of asking the community’s approval by voting on every little change in lifestyle – you can reach decisions via long brainstorming sessions with the person in the work station next to you.


The concept of the Kibbutz is more than 100 years old, but the principles that stand in the heart of it will never grow old. Values of sharing, community and innovation that are the core of the Kibbutz ideology are still very much relevant to the local community of entrepreneurs.

This is one of the reasons why sharing platforms of any kind (whether tangible or virtual) are very popular in Israel. They simply express values that all Israelis grew on – with a modern twist. So what are you waiting for? Jump on board and see our location in Herzliya.

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