Sports boosts Productivity on all Levels.

It might not be a major surprise to anyone, but a healthy body often equals healthy mind. Keeping yourself active and fit ensures that your stamina improves, your energy levels go up and your overall wellbeing is in much better state. Not only does your body benefit from this, also your mind. Feeling and being fit, does wonders for the mind.

And when feeling mentally stronger, this also works as an overall mood-enhancer.  The Social Issues Research Centre conducted a very extensive research amongst UK workers. The results revealed that sports can have positive effect on boosting morale, is mood-improving and brings more motivation and productivity in the working environment.

Create connections

Not only is being active great for productivity, but when conducting sports with coworkers, it creates bonds and establishes connections. Coworkers, managers and everyone on all levels connect more, making people more loyal to the company they work for.
To sum up, having stimulating sports among employees is beneficial for both employee as well as employer. Productivity goes up, connections are made, and company loyalty gets a boost too.

4 Ideas to bring sports into the workplace

The research conducting also gave some interesting ideas that employers can use to enhance the benefits of sport in the workplace and boost the positive impact on morale and productivity.

  1. Encourage staff to watch and attend sport events together. The energy generated by the collective support and interaction will make employees feel more valued and will provide them with an interesting and different topic to talk about other than product features and work related stuff.
  2. Encourage staff to play sport together: running, yoga, bootcamps or hockey. Again this will develop shared interests and refreshing feelings, which will definitely boost productivity.
  3. Focus on sport during team building events. Healthy competition can arouse team spirit and will have positive effect on relationship between management and more junior staff.
  4. Sponsor employees who specialise in some sport. Support their efforts. Ask them to run a coaching session for their colleagues or make presentation on what they’ve learnt from being part of a sports team, how to maximise performance and how to remain motivated.

Run your dam fastest

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