New Spaces opening in January 2019: Parisian Powerhouses, American highlights and more

Spaces opening

Hello 2019! The new year finally arrived, and we’re excited for all that it has to offer. One thing’s for sure: our new year’s resolutions are still in check. One of the most important ones? Continuing to provide a home away from home for all businesses, entrepreneurs, digital shakers, startups, scale ups, corporates and any other that fit the list. And how can we best provide a place that allows anyone to work, thrive and succeed? By making sure that wherever business may take you, there’s a desk with your name on it. That’s why this month, we’ll be opening six more stunning locations, with enough room to fit all of you.

Spaces La Defense, Paris, France

And when we say enough room, we sure mean enough. In the case of Spaces La Defense, that’s easily an understatement. Especially when considering that this goliath of a building is not just our biggest location in France, but in fact, it provides the largest coworking area in Europe with almost 13 square kilometres of pure business. That means all the more room for networking, growing your brand, all while working in one of the continent’s most business-friendly areas. Ideal for anyone willing to make it big like never before.

Spaces Reine, Boulogne-Billancourt, France

Right outside of Paris, you’ll find the buzzing suburb that is Boulogne-Billancourt. It’s one of France’s most densely populated and thriving areas, so setting up your business for greatness should come naturally at Spaces Reine. This location has seven floors of royally designed workplaces, ideal for picking your spot amongst the big brands that call the Route de la Reine their home.

Spaces Augustine 101, Santa Clara, USA

Right at the heart of the tech capital of the world, Silicon Valley, you’ll find a huge new Spaces. And with a size similar to that of La Defense in Paris, Spaces Augustine 101 is quite a sight to behold. And that’s just the view from the outside. On the inside you’ll find spacious yet comfortable rooms, gorgeous design and inspiring offices throughout. This massive hive of buzzing entrepreneurs is something special.

Spaces Mallory, Franklin, USA

Some places just have it all. One of those places is the history-rich area surrounding Spaces Mallory in Franklin. Restaurants a plenty, gyms, great shopping and activities, and of course a buzzing community of entrepreneurs looking to grow their business. Ands that’s exactly where Spaces Mallory comes looking, because it’s ready to provide a comfortable new home to any type of business looking to make it in Tennessee’s entrepreneurial landscape. And comfortable is what you will be, because with its floor-to-ceiling windows, comfy corners designed specifically for work and an energetic network of professionals, it is ensured that your experience is unmatched.

Spaces Over The Rhine, Cincinnatti,  USA

Classic, beautiful, inspiring. That’s a short summary for the Over The Rhine area in Cincinnatti, but that doesn’t do it the justice it deserves. This unique area combines colourful, historical architecture with an urban experience unlike any other in the world. The lively entertainment combined with the European vibe of the neighbourhood offers inspiration all day long. If you’re not in it for the entertainment, maybe the food will change your mind. Few places can be considered a foodie’s paradise like the Over The Rhine district. So by all means, shop around the lovely eateries found in the area for an unparalleled experience. Its namesake Spaces location, Spaces Over The Rhine, is nestled right in between the historical buildings. Offering an entrepreneurial space that never fails to spark creativity and success with its wide open spaces, green terraces and the barista-powered in-house coffee bar.  We can’t wait for this unique location to open for business.

Spaces Triple One Somerset, Singapore

High in the sky you’ll find Spaces Triple One Somerset, located right amongst the Singaporean skyline. The building is a real eye-catcher, and this location’s look and build are sure to enthuse anyone who enjoys great design. On the inside, you’ll find the desks you’re looking for. Whether you’d like to work in your private office, a shared one, or simply feel like working at whichever spot the day takes you, this inspiring place has it.

Can’t find the Spaces you’re looking for? Check out our locations page for your nearest Spaces. 

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