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How coworking works at Spaces

The future of work is flexible – but how flexible are your working habits really? Sure, you do your job from home a couple of days a week, on those days your physical presence isn’t required at base, so there’s no timewasting trek into an HQ just to show face. But those days OOO can, if you’re not careful, also be days that get swallowed up with laundry and other tasks at home (“Hmm, I wonder if I can repaint the bathroom in my lunch hour?”), or connecting to the patchy Wi-Fi and blocking out the screaming toddlers/staff in the local café (“Hmm, I wonder if I can suggest whether that ketchup bottle might have the same effect as a dummy?”). Surely there’s another way – one that straddles the divide between professional working environment and relaxed, creative space in which to thrive?

Fortunately, these days there is – and it’s called the shared workspace. In 2020’s increasingly competitive and global work environment, the benefits of coworking are real – and one of the most notable is community. Coworking started life as “hackerspace” in 90s Berlin, as places where programmers would convene to swap ideas and help each other to solve problems (“Have you tried switching it off and on again?”). Since then, it’s evolved to include all kinds of workers, from freelancers to start-ups – and even divisions of bigger businesses as well known as Microsoft and Nike. What this means in practice is that a good coworking space provides a wide range of yet likeminded individuals with an always-on place to do business – and readymade networking opportunities on tap.

A coworking space – also known as flexible office space – can also be somewhere that removes the barriers to entry of setting up on your own. Firstly, it’s cheaper than a traditional lease because you only pay for the services you need and for the time that you need them. Secondly, those services are entirely customisable, from dedicated desks to a place to perch, and can be adapted as your business grows. At Spaces, for example, it’s possible to rent a meeting room by the hour and entertain a client in a well-designed in-house coffee shop (or even a rooftop bar in some cases). And if you need an office address that shows you mean business, or call-handling and mail-sorting, Spaces can provide that too.

Depending on the provider, coworking spaces can also be somewhere that allow you to scale your business at a fraction of what it would cost otherwise. Imagine setting up an office in a new territory, where you knew nothing about the legal ins and outs – and didn’t have the time or, let’s be honest, inclination to find out. A provider like Spaces, which has an extensive global network, removes this headache as soon as you click “sign up” because it grants access to every one of the brand’s growing list of locations around the world. In essence, this means that – wherever you find yourself – you have a satellite office ready and waiting. Pretty cool huh?

And it will be cool – because that’s what Spaces is all about. We take your work life seriously, which is why each of our locations is thoughtfully designed to take you through the working day, from meeting room and desk space to breakout area and coffee lounge. (Plus, designer furniture comes as standard because why should ad execs have all the fun?) Seriously though, that architect-designed ceiling looks that way because it’s been engineered to minimise noise. Those curvy armchairs enable you to sit right and feel fresher for longer. And the abundance of natural light keeps you connected to the world outside. Basically, it’s all been thought-through to help you.

When and where you take advantage of flexspace is entirely up to you. You might need it to launch a business, or as a satellite hub away from your company’s main HQ, or as somewhere to drop into for a few days to get your head around a knotty project. The benefits of coworking are as many and varied as the people you’ll meet and their reasons for being there, and we’re here to help you with the way of working that works for you.

Need a comfortable place where you can network and grow your business, all while feeling right at home? We can help with that. Check our coworking memberships right here.

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