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Humans of Milan | Talk with blogger Stefano D’Andrea

Stefano Dandrea

Humans of Milan is a lively portrait project by Stefano D’Andrea –  writer, blogger and human.  His goal is to photograph and interview Milan inhabitants on the streets to capture the spirit of the city in a deep and disarming way.

The project started online and landed into the real world as urban exhibition in the Darsena (the Docks of Milan), and is now a book.

Stefano comments: “All the years spent on reading books made me understand one thing: that there is no evil or good by definition. Only humans matter.  So, inspired by Humans of New York and by the idea to take pictures of a person just met on the street, with a quote on our conversation, I left home and try to meet them personally and randomly. I found out that it works. Because if you look into the lens of the camera, this means you’re talking to whoever is watching you and this becomes special even for those who see the photo or read the book. I have collected many stories over the years of Humans in Milan, even small pieces of minor stories, that helped me learn more about that thing that everyone mistakenly calls common people. Facebook did the rest.”

Curious to find out more about your fellow inhabitants?

Come and meet Stefano D’Andrea in Spaces Porta Nuova to understand how places, even workplaces, are shaped by humans.

We look forward to listening to Stefano, with the kind moderation of Gaia Passamonti, chief storytelling strategist at Pensiero Visibile.

Please note, registration is mandatory.

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