How to Be the Change in a Messed up World

An evening with Environmental Activist Rob Greenfield

Join this chat about Rob and his evolution from a self-described feckless, partying, materialistic person into an Environmental Avenger. Becoming aware of his ecological footprints changed him forever.

He works diligently to improve standards for the earth and all creatures that populate it, even humanity. He has reached millions around the globe through his show on the Discovery Channel and his book, Dude Making a Difference. He has even appeared on various international media such as New York Times, BBC, NPR, and Al Jazeera.

He believes that all of us can leave the world a better place through simple, positive changes in our daily lives. In today’s environment it’s easy to feel helpless and hopeless, but Rob believes there’s never been a better time to be the change for a more sustainable and just world. This is exactly why he is here to inspire you to join the movement.

Rob Greenfield: Adventurer, Activist, Humanitarian

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