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Dating for, by and with Professionals

Life is too short to spend it with boring people. But if you are a single hardworking professional, how else do you find love? By going on endless dates,  exploring the dating world, that’s the way to find your partner in life, right? But the dating world is filled with other cool, interesting, single professionals all looking for the same thing just like you.  How do you make sense of this world, how do you find that one person for you?

Online dating

With today’s technology dating has become easier, more accessible and therefore also more over-whelming. Online dating no longer has the stigma of being something to be ashamed about, and the websites that offer love for working professionals are in abundance. The advantages of online dating are that you can seek contact from home, without having to dress-up and go out. Most often these websites have created special questionnaires to ascertain your personality for effective  matchmaking. They match personality traits, making it easier for you to connect with someone, who on paper at least, shares the same interests. For example Parship has the Parship Principle; their method in which they can find you a match after 5 steps. Their database is only for the 30+ higher educated working professional, making that first relevant demographic selection for you.

Dating apps

But dating is also possible with any smartphone, there are several dating apps that make matching even easier. With these apps, love can be a simple swipe or a GPS-coordinate away. But is finding love a matter of quantity or quality?

The personal touch

With all these dating possibilities, has dating really become easier for the working professional? Because when the options are so large and varied, is it actually personal? Filling in 30 questions or swiping over pictures to find your match – is this really the best way to find love? When it comes to matters of the heart, isn’t it better if there’s someone who wants to get to know you and find your partner? For those who no longer want to trust technology and are looking for the personal approach, there are dating agencies. Agencies that hire professional people who will talk to you, advise, prepare and set you up on dates.

Get connected

New dating agency is DTNG. exclusively for the higher educated working professionals in Amsterdam. With a personal intake, handpicked matches and tailored advice, Lotte of DTNG. promises to find you your love match.
Follow Lotte next week on our social media channels  as our new Spaces hero and get to know her and her company. Who knows, she might be able to find your love match.


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