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Amsterdam talks tech - Education

In anticipation of what is predicted to be yet another thought provoking and ponder worthy Amsterdam Talks Tech, we thought it would only be fair to give you a heads up on the array of speakers we have ahead of our Education Edition.

Jaeques Koeman

Siri, Alexa, and now citizenship for Sophia. We’re delving into life that’s aided by artificial intelligence that helps guide our day, and now our education. Without the advancements in natural language processing and computer science, we wouldn’t be deciphering over the battle for robot citizenship. Who better to answer all our computer talking and learning queries other than Jaques Koeman. Jaeques is the CEO of Dutch EdTech company in EDIA which started up back in 2004. He’s come a long way since then, and learned the realms of how our efforts into computer generated system can open many doors for us humans.  He’s worked on a number of projects that enable us to learn via the means of technology, making many tasks much easier.

Leo van Woerden

A favourite line of mine is ‘food for thought’ , and I drop it in anywhere I feel fitting. Well MindMints are just that,  and dare I say it? Without the calories or  marketing cons. Our second speaker is CEO and owner of Mindmints, a smartdrug that comes in three varieties that are tailored to the extra help you may need. Up first, Wakeys; this one is self explanatory.  Next, Kabooms; used when you need to add  little fire to your focus.  Last,  NapCaps; to help you wind down and shut off from any stresses and predicaments your day may have left you with.  Join us to hear his story and an insight to his journey. We’ll take one of each please.

Linda Frietman

Just when we thought AI, and augmented reality couldn’t aid our working experience anymore, Linda Frietman will be here to tell us otherwise.  The EdTech power lady is CEO of IamProgrez and will deliver her passion about how AI can help deliver the next generation  assessments in HR.  She’s on the 2017 list of most inspiring women in The Netherlands, so evidently a force to be reckoned with. If that wasn’t enough to impress, Linda is also a chair member of the board for The Dutch School. An enviable position in a community of innovative start ups from The Netherlands operating in the exciting and growing world of EdTech.

Serge Bueters

I’d like to call this one ‘the game changer’. Because that’s exactly what Serge Bueters and his team over at Squla do. They aim to motivate, engage and empower children’s learning through games. Interaction plays a huge role in children’s development. Either as a result of enhanced engagement,  or a means of of inspiration. Changing attitudes to learning can unveil a whole host of drive and determination, and increase a child’s sense of curiosity. Children are the brain and soul of our future, so Squla believe the huge importance of prolonging their thirst for learning.

For an opportunity to listen to some super exciting perspectives, and a guide to the vast world of new methods to boost our education, then grab your ticket for ATT. After all, knowledge is power.

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