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Hot Desking

Unless you’ve got the need for dozens of files that have to carried around everywhere, not having a fixed desk is a great way to work. Granted, you can’t put a picture of your spouse, kids, or cat on your desk, but enjoying a change of scenery every day will give a whole new feel to every single day. When this occurs within an organisation, it’s called Hot Desking.

Drop it like it’s hot Desking.

Hot Desking may have a nice ring to it, but it is really nothing more than a buzzword for having no fixed desk within your own office. It might take some more time to set up, but in current day’s office environment we hardly ever need more than an electricity socket, our laptop, and room to put our coffee. The thought is that you walk into the office, find an available seat, and work there for as long as you feel like working there. And if you get bored of the spot? You just find your next spot. And the next. And the next.

The short end of the stick.

There are two sides to every story of course, and Hot Desking is exactly the same for that matter. Not everyone enjoys the flexibility and the freedom that comes with it. And if you’re stuck with the spot nobody wants for most days of the week, you’re bound to have a different attitude towards non-fixed desks. It’s up to the workplace provider to make sure that every spot has the same allure and benefits. If your job requires you to have constant access to copious amounts of files, documents, or other stuff that hasn’t or can’t be accessed through a digital path, it might not be for you. Unless you prefer taking long walks through the office.

leveling the field.

Luckily, the benefits are also plenty, aside from the inspiration that comes out of enjoying a different scenery every day. It forces interaction with many different people from all kinds of different departments, creating an open and friendly setting with more than just the three or four colleagues that surround you at a fixed desk.  Allowing for more interpersonal interactions also brings about changes in the perceived hierarchy-levels between colleagues, establishing a more open field for collaborations and creativity.

It’s all in the details.

Working in our business club isn’t too different from Hot Desking, as it’s basically the same principle. Only the people working around you might be from different companies altogether. Still, the benefits remain the same, as it provides lots of networking opportunities, social interactions, and inspiration from the buzz that surrounds you.

Want to enjoy the same freedom of enjoying a fresh new desk whenever you need it? Feel free to check out our memberships. Simply can’t do without your own desk? No worries, we can help you with that too. And if you want to try out Hot Desking the way it was originally meant to be, again, we’ve got you covered.  

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