Look who’s talking at TEDxRotterdam: Innovation.


This year’s TEDxRotterdam’s event is all about innovation, something we hold very dear. It’s something that fits the Dutch like a glove, which is exactly why we’re so proud to welcome these Dutch masters of innovation. Whether it’s providing those who need it most with a safe alternative cooking stove, creating a safe online experience for yourself or for your customers, or creating ingenious machines that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also serve a practical use, these creative minds do it all.


Judith is best known for her role as African Clean Energy’s Director of Operations, and ACE is all about innovation. Their ACE 1 solar biomass energy system is an advanced cooking stove that reduces emissions to negligible levels. It’s among the cleanest and most high-tech stoves currently available, providing clean, and safe cooking with a range of biomass fuels as well as offering solar electricity for mobile phone charging and LED lighting. The versatility of the device is a great example of fine innovation, devised to last.


Wienke Giezeman is the CEO and co-founder of The Things Network, which is the go-to for anything IoT. The Things Industries, the LoRaWAN back-end to the main business, provides an integrated chain of LoRaWAN products and services to start working on the Internet of Things. With a LoRaWAN Network Server, Hardware & Support you can start to build secure end-to-end solutions for yourself or for your customers.

In a continually expanding and increasing online society, online safety and security are already more than critical for doing business. And there’s no sign of this stopping anywhere soon. With the equally increasing number of applications for IoT becoming conventional, providing the proper security measures cannot be neglected. This is where The Things Industries steps up to the plate, and provides the necessary safety.


Having graduated as a Product Designer at the HKU in 2015, Daniël de Bruin creates ingenious machines. His designs are recognisable by the clear constructions, visible mechanics, and the interactions they display between man and machine. Next year, he puts his innovative drive towards focusing on developing his methodology, collaborations, experimental projects, and starting new projects altogether.

Besides the incredible machines he creates, Daniël has also created a variety of artworks (not to say the machines itself are no works of art of course… ). From house lighting, to vases, or ornamentals, all are highly innovative.


A social designer with background in textile desigN and who would describe her field of work as ‘people research.’ Specializing in working with and for the elderly or other groups she considers excluded, she explores how design could tackle stigmatized living aids or environments. Despite a background in textile design, she doesn’t focus on a specific medium, but more to a field and people.

In her work, she doesn’t aim in making strong statements as such but in tackling collective behaviours and mentality that represent a bigger societal issue of belief. She challenges what is considered normal by tackling human moments on the margins that we don’t think about.

With this line-up, you shouldn’t forget to order your tickets for TEDxRotterdam: Innovation on October 5th at Spaces Hofplein, as it’s looking to be another great edition.

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