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Spaces & TEDxRotterdam: Innovation through Connectivity

October 5th will mark the day of the annual TEDxRotterdam Event, hosted in cooperation with Spaces. This year we will focus on innovation: bringing together and connecting new ideas and new technologies.

Innovation through Connectivity

Globalisation and the increased speed of modern business intensifies competition. Companies must encourage and set the conditions so innovation is possible to ensure long-term competitiveness. Innovation is not possible without a continuous stream of ideas.

But where does good innovation come from?

To generate high-quality innovative ideas connectivity is needed. Sharing and Open Source are hot topics nowadays. With our information economy, people have access to all kinds of information from wherever and accessible whenever. This makes it possible for anyone to come up with new ideas, new thoughts and thus innovation. Combining this with social connections, both online and offline, can lead to real change. That’s what TEDx is all about; bringing change by sharing ideas, ideas that are worth sharing.

The Line-Up

TEDxRotterdam & Spaces will present a line-up of strong and inspiring speakers who will share their innovative ideas with you.

  • Judith Walker

Judith is best known for her role as African Clean Energy’s Director of Operations, and ACE is all about innovation. Their ACE 1 solar biomass energy system is an advanced cookstove which reduces smoke emissions to negligible levels. It’s among the cleanest and most high-tech stoves currently available, providing clean cooking with a range of biomass fuels as well as offering solar electricity for mobile phone charging and LED lighting.

  • Wienke Giezeman

Wienke Giezeman is the CEO and co-founder of The Things Network, which is the go-to for anything IoT. The Things Industries, the LoRaWAN back-end to the main business, provides an integrated chain of LoRaWAN products and services to start working on the Internet of Things. With a LoRaWAN Network Server, Hardware & Support you can start building secure end-to-end solutions for yourself or for your customers.

  • Daniël de Bruin

Having graduated as a Product Designer at the HKU in 2015, Daniël de Bruin creates ingenious machines. His designs are recognisable by the clear constructions, visible mechanics, and the interactions they display between man and machine. Next year, he puts his innovative drive towards focusing on developing his methodology, collaborations, experimental projects, and starting new projects altogether.


4pm // registration and welcoming drinks
4.30pm // start programme
6pm // drinks & networking

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