Dream offices, even if you don't like offices.

Dedicated desk.

At Spaces we offer offices for companies of all sizes.

Even if your company is limited to one, and when actually all you need is your own desk for your computer and screen and a more focused environment than our business club. Our custom solution is the dedicated desk which has the same benefits as our coworking membership. In an office shared with others, you’ll have your own personal desk. It even comes with a cupboard, locker and those small little post-its we know you like. Of course, we are not forgetting internet and 24hour access. Because we understand that some work should not be limited by business hours.

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One is such a lonely number.

All contract terms are based on flexibility.

When it’s time for your company to grow beyond one, you can move to your own office. Spaces has the possibilities, so you can fully focus on your core business. We have a friendly staff to welcome you and your guests. We can also help you with all kinds of services and our preferred IT supplier can get you up and running in no time. The business club is also part of the deal, where you can work, meet with clients or pause with a nice latte made by your favourite barista.

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The perks of a dedicated desk.

  • Your own fixed spot, more privacy and focus.
  • Locker Included.
  • Your business address at Spaces.
  • Access to your desk 24/7/365.
  • Bring up to 1 guest free of charge.
  • Flexible contracts that grow with your business.
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