Meeting rooms at Spaces you’ll never want to leave.

Who says meetings are boring, time-wasted affairs? Not with these stunning meeting rooms  to look forward to.  We’re talking about marble floors, amazing views and gorgeous designs. See for yourself. Where’s your next meeting going to  be?

authentic grandeur at Spaces Rode Olifant, The Hague

Just a stone’s throw away from The Hague central station, you’ll find Spaces Rode Olifant. You can’t really miss it, since the historic red brick building is one of the most iconic buildings in the city.  It used to be the old headquarters of Esso, and it still lives and breaths its history. Rent one of the boardrooms with its authentic wooden walls or spend the day with your team in the beautifully designed library. Trust us, you’ll want to call this your home for the day.


Savouring neo-baroque architecture at Spaces Opéra, France

The Spaces Opéra Garnier might be one of the best locations to get your creative juices flowing. Take a look outside through the window and you’ll immediately know why. With such a gorgeous décor surrounding you, it’s hard to not get inspired. Time to grab those sticky-notes, because at this prestigious typical Parisian location your meeting will be, without a doubt, creative and productive. And the only thing you’ll be killing today, won’t be the time – just your (textual) darlings.

Overlooking the hills at Spaces Grosspeter Tower, Basel

Sometimes those stuffy office walls, find a way of killing your spark. Time to get out of that box. And Spaces Grosspeter Tower in Basel is the perfect place to do so. Here, it’s just you, your co-workers and an endless overview over the green rolling hills, and the mountains beyond. Take advantage and head out during breaks to explore the green urban spaces. According to research, a small dose of greens and nature, even in an urban setting, already has the power to reduce your stress levels. Oh, and a little fun-fact: this location comes with a solar-panel façade that converts sunlight into electricity. So, let’s just call this green spot an awesome location to do some out-of-the-box thinking, shall we?

The sky is the limit at Spaces Schiphol, Amsterdam

Boring day full of meetings? No can do, at Spaces Schiphol. After all, it’s not every day you get to overlook one of the world’s busiest international airports while checking off agenda items. The meeting rooms at Schiphol, are quite the experience. Even though the one on the image is not technically a meeting room, it still provides you with the comfort and privacy that you need to get stuff done. This secluded corner lets you see all the planes take off and gaze at passing clouds due to the panoramic views. It’s the perfect location to turn your dull meeting day, into a day with brainstorms, creative flow and the occasional wandering off in between all the chit-chat. Today, the sky is the limit. Let’s fly.


Rolling marble floors at Spaces Empire Tower, Bangkok

Your creativity won’t come knocking when you surround yourself with the hustle and bustle of a city, or when you’re nervous or stressed out. It also won’t show up when you stay in your daily work environment, so it’s time to mix it up. Maybe your first thought would be to go out of town, looking for green surroundings. But it’s not always the views or the area that make a meeting effective. It’s mainly the room that gets your creative juices flowing. And the meeting room at Spaces Empire Tower in Bangkok is one of those rooms. So, pop in one of these beautifully designed spaces, make yourself at home and plug into the Spaces’ energy.


Let’s meet on the roof at Spaces Yorkville, Toronto

Who says meetings should always be indoors? Time to soak up those last rays of sun (or all of it, if it’s summer) at the patio of Spaces Yorkville in Toronto. OK, so it’s a little cheating since this is not an official meeting room that you can rent. But meanwhile it’s also not just there to look at. So, ditch the desk and head out for an outdoor meeting. Grab that sunny chair with your name on it and lean back. Get inspired by other people and the green surroundings. Let the brainstorm begin.

Artsy vibes at Spaces Gran Seoul, Seoul

It’s scientifically proven that being around art improves creative thinking. So, why not plug into one of these pink-a-licious and artsy vibes in Spaces Gran Seoul. During meetings, take a sneak peek at the art on the wall and – if you’re feeling frisky – make some art yourself. Unleash the inner artist in you, chances are creative ideas will be popping up pretty fast.

Plug into London’s thriving district at City Point, London

Seeking your inner genius? We’ll have the perfect meeting spot for you. It’s hard not to draw some inspiration from London’s impressive skyline, especially when it’s right in front of you. At Spaces City Point you can treat your team to London’s finest skyline views, how’s that for a Monday meeting? Not bad, right?

Looking for a meeting room a bit closer to home? We got those too. Check out all our meeting rooms right here

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