Why the Amsterdam canals have always been a great place to work

The city of Amsterdam is a beautiful place. Known for its tolerant and free-spirited character, laid back vibe and its wonderful historic canals. The canals and the beautiful canal houses are part of the UNESCO heritage due to its unique nature. The canals have always been an important part of the city (founded in 1250) and of its economy. It’s a part of Amsterdam where you can feel a true authenticity and you can really imagine a time where there were just horses and carriages.

A bit of history.

The first canals were dug during the medieval times and were just for transport of goods and people. Trade exploded in the 17th century, Amsterdam’s Golden Age. “Within 50 years, the 3 main canals of the city were dug and the houses around them were built. Completed around 1660, it made the city grow to 4 times its size and gave it the most intricate and efficient system of navigable waterways in the world. A maze of connecting canals brought merchandise from all over the world to the doorstep of every canalside merchant.

A fleet of thousands of small barges carried the goods from the big ships in the harbor to every corner of the city. More than a thousand warehouses on the canal-sides were supplied by these man-powered barges. On top of that, 9 specialized floating markets catered to the daily needs of 17th century Amsterdammers. In those days, more goods were moved on barges in the canals by human power, than would even be possible today with trucks along the canalsides.”  (source Amsterdam.info).

Canals nowadays.

With the canals no longer being used to transport goods, it is now more used to transport people. With Amsterdam being one of the most popular cities for tourists, doing a boat tour is a must for any visitor. The canal houses are the no longer just the home for merchants and traders, but are now homes for (wealthy) Amsterdammers, or occupied by companies. For many companies having a business address on the Amsterdam canals is the peak of success. The famous canals gives a company prestige and is attractive to customers and prospects ánd also for hiring (and keeping) staff. The canals are the heart of the city making you feel the history of this small metropole.

Canal Spaces.

When Spaces first opened 10 years ago, it was a canal; at the Herengracht. We just added a brand new Spaces at another canal, the Keizersgracht. Conveniently located on the corner of the Spiegelstraat, in the lovely antique & fine arts district, this latest Spaces addition will combine historic features with modern appeal. Want to come by and see the space for yourself? Book a tour, and who knows, your company might add a swanky canal-address on its business card.


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