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New Year Resolutions: How to get it done

2019 has arrived and this can only mean one thing: new year’s resolutions. Whether you are planning on spending more time with your loved ones, finally decided to save money for that amazing trip or if you’d like to be less consumed by technology. Everyone can think of a few things they want to do differently in the New Year.

Que sera sera

As the famous song goes: que sera sera. In case you didn’t know, it means ‘Whatever will be, will be.’ Even though it’s very true that we cannot have full control of our plans, because stuff happens and that’s life, it’s nice to set some goals for the New Year. Whether that’s in your personal life or professionally. As we are a coworking company, let’s focus on the professional New Year resolutions for now.

At the moment, we receive as much information in two days as we did in twenty years not too long ago. As a result from constantly being connected with media, our concentration span is less than that of a fish. A fish has a concentration span of 9 seconds. A human however, has a concentration span of a shocking 8.25 seconds (in 2015), which is probably already lower in early 2019.

Get sh*t done

The most common thing we want to do in the New Year, is to get sh*t done. Saying this is one thing, but actually doing it another. So here are some tips on how to get sh*t done. Seriously.

  1. Cut yourself off. For getting sh*t done, you most probably don’t need social media. The best way to cut it off is to log out of all the social media, in all possible ways, on your apps and on your computer – just to be sure you don’t get any notifications. A nice little tip that we find very handy: unsubscribe from all the unnecessary newsletters that keep interrupting you, this way your email notifications will mean that you’re actually receiving relevant emails.
  2. Get organized. It’s a little cliché but highly recommended. Organize all the loose documents you have in your finder and make sure they’re in maps that are easily read. Also, clear out your desk. An organized desk will help to create an organized mind.
  3. Inspiring location. By surrounding yourself in an inspiring work environment, you’ll notice that you’ll work much more productive. Yet, an inspiring environment has a different meaning for everyone. So go out to a busy café or a silent library, wherever you feel most inspired to work.
  4. Reward yourself. Last but certainly not least, get sh*t done and reward yourself after. It’s actually the perfect way of working towards a goal and acknowledging that you’ve done a great job. Rewarding yourself can come in many ways. Think of buying a certain kind of item that you’ve wanted to buy for a while, or to go to a certain event that you didn’t have time for whilst you were getting sh*t done. Do it however you see fit.

Whether you want to work in silence or have an amazing view over planes that are taking off, we’ve got you covered. Check all our Spaces here to find out what will inspire you the most.


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