Like Building with LEGO

The building industry accounts for one third of the global CO2 emission. Over the past few years sustainable companies have shown that your dream house doesn’t need to destroy the environment. Nowadays it becomes more important to develop eco-friendly. Luckily, many sustainable techniques are being discovered. Architects and designers are becoming more creative and are considering working with all natural products whilst building beautiful unique homes. Naturally, people associate sustainability with being very pricey. Yet, this doesn’t always needs to be the case. This has been proven, by multiple Dutch companies, over the past few years.

Our Dutch Pride

The Netherlands is already very well-known for diverse aspects, from their talented painters, picturesque canals, sustainable windmills, very successful athletes to their delicious cheese and much more. Yet, the pride and joy of the Netherlands is their capability to build many sustainable things. Among others, think about their passenger trains, which are driven by solar power of windmills, green energy, their eco-friendly transportation as a way of life such as bikes and electric scooters. Revolutionary architecture companies, such as Sustainer Homes and TheNewMakers, have developed ways of reducing their C02 emission by sustainable building.

Building with LEGO

Sol van Kempen, co-founder and principal architect at Sustainer Homes, builds sustainable buildings using an unique wooden modular system. This system produces 90% less C02 emission compared to other systems using steel and concrete, which makes the architecture industry call Sustainer Homes ‘the Tesla of homes’. This system makes sure every inch of the project is carefully executed so there’s minimal waste and emission. They are truly revolutionizing the way buildings are constructed.

Freek van Zeist, managing partner and architect at TheNewMakers, refers to their buildings as ‘LEGO homes’. Freek transforms empty buildings to homes for license holders and reception of asylum seekers. TheNewMakers (formerly ECO-nnect) integrates design, engineering and production in innovative, circular and aesthetically pleasing ways. Both Sustainer Homes and TheNewMakers, build their buildings in a way that it reduces waste to the minimum: custom made. The elements are installed on location as a sort of LEGO pieces, they connect perfectly, without waste.

Want to know more?

Ready to hear more about the new way of building by Sol van Kempen, Freek van Zeist and other revolutionary architects such as Hedwig Heinsman and Duzan Doepel? Feeling intrigued and eager to learn more? Check out this event to get to know everything you want about sustainable architecture.

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