Keep Calm and Startup

Starting up an innovative high-growth company can be extremely challenging and overwhelming. New Venture, in cooperation with the Dutch government and a wide range of partners including Spaces, helps innovative entrepreneurs to stay calm and realise their entrepreneurial dreams. The first round of the programme, including some of the most promising and innovative Dutch startups, has just kicked off.

The programme consists of three rounds, which are spread out over nine months. Coaches from a variety of top firms in the Netherlands support the startups throughout the programme. Furthermore they receive feedback from professional consultants and gain access to a large network of investors, fellow entrepreneurs, launching customers and the press. A just of investors and experienced entrepreneurs will divide a total of €40,000 amongst the most innovative startups.

One of last year’s winners ReSnap kick-started their social media photobook application through the competition. “Testing your business idea during the competition and receiving feedback on it can only result in an even better business proposition. Creating a better business opportunity for our customers is the main key why we decided to enter the competition”, Erik-Jan Schreurs, Co-founder of ReSnap says. One of the prizes ReSnap received was a Spaces membership.

Amongst this year’s innovative concepts are new initiatives that contribute to the growth of sharing economy, applications that will make the use of smartphones easier than ever, solutions to increase sustainable living and mobility and techniques to help decrease pollution worldwide. Curious as to what the most innovative Dutch startups have to offer? Follow the award ceremony for round 1 of New Venture 2014 – 2015 at the Dutch Innovation Factory in Zoetermeer. During this ceremony, the 20 most innovative startups will pitch their idea in less than one minute. All interested parties are welcome to join us for the award ceremony.

New Venture’s office is located at Spaces Zuidas, Amsterdam. Would you like to get in touch with New Venture or would you like to apply for round 2? Go to

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