Beards, Bikes and Brandy

Beards, Bikes and Brandy night, Spaces Vijzelstraat

Last Friday saw Spaces Vijzelstraat transform into a suave and sophisticated gentlemen’s club, complete with an impressive display of vintage motorcycles, classic watches and stylish sneakers. Beards Bikes & Brandy lived up to its name, with gents queueing up for their beard trim by dapper barber George from the Barbiersacademy, complete with brandy cocktail in hand.

The super popular event offered Spaces members and guests a sample of the finest of contemporary male attire hand selected by stylists from The Cloakroom, along with the newest editions of classic Finnish running shoes by Karhu. Shinola, conceived in 2011, a Detroit design brand, makers of modern, handcrafted watches, bicycles, leather goods, journals and pet accessories. Shinola stands for skill at scale, the preservation of craft and celebrates the beauty of industry, perfectly complementing the style of the evening; while the powerful elegance of Numbnut and Nozem‘s vintage motorcycles got everyone talking. The slick wood and leather of the vehicles with its glossy metal finish seemed to represent the dynamism and energy of Spaces’ members and guests in attendance.

The exquisitely crafted brandy cocktails by Carlos I added an elegant signature to the evening. Copies of Esquire magazine adorned the tables for the guests to find their latest style inspiration whilst browsing the hand selected and intelligently curated items on display. The evening was more than just a drinks event, rather an embodiment and celebration of male style adapted to our fast paced, contemporary world.

The mood was set, the bar was packed, and the fun was definitely had.

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