Connect Through the Spaces App

You can download the Spaces app from the app store and play store.

Working inside Spaces means having access to those tools that bring inspiration and comfort to your working life. The launch of our new Spaces app brings you another great extra to enhance your Spaces working life and brings you closer to your own international community of members.

Networking and finding the right people could bring you the perfect business opportunity. Besides our events and social areas, we want to provide you with an online tool that could make you take action yourself. Moreover, we want to make your working life at Spaces even easier.

The Spaces app brings you closer to fellow workers and makes it effortless. A personal ID and search function helps you find other community members by typing in keywords, industry, name or location. This way we bring you in touch with those who could make your business grow even further. There’s a lot more to the Spaces app than merely the possibility to find other Spaces members and tenants. You can book meeting rooms, find wifi codes and read our weekly digests. Besides all these features, you can let us know if something needs to be fixed straight from your phone.

The app serves as a personal Spaces ID and can be used the way you want to use it. You can make your own choice for how people can contact you and have the option of sharing Spaces with potential new members. Just fill in their details and we’ll take care of the rest. The app will be further developed in the year to come. 2015 will make the Spaces app the go-to app for your working day.

Just download it from the play store and the app store.

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