Get your Miami Vice on!

Miami Vice Summer Party

It’s that time of the year again. Temperatures are on the rise, the faint smell of barbecue is in the air, and judging from the increasing amount of traffic jams on the way to the coastline, summer is finally here! Or at least, it was for a week or so. But even though the weather might be a bit sub-standard right now, it’s bound to be totally different next week. This is the Netherlands after all. Like all good things, the summer needs to be celebrated. Heck, it’s not like we could ever miss out on a reason to celebrate, which is why on July 6th, we’re holding our annual Spaces summer BBQ!

Theme wise, we’re going Miami Vice, and why not? Vice was a great show, and Miami is an amazing place. It’s one of those places that comes to mind when you think of summer. It offers:

  • A huge variety of pop culture references.

The most famous one might just be Miami Vice (followed closely by Will Smith’s rap career). An 80s crime series based around Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs, two undercover detectives working in the Miami vice department. The series is known for its stylishness, being defining of the 80s, and being the first big-budget series on TV. Great for wardrobe ideas, retro-styled hair cuts, and fully experiencing everyone’s favourite decade.

  •  Beaches

There are dozens of beaches to be found in or near Miami. The most famous one is probably South Beach. It’s not just the  prime location for experiencing Miami Vice in real life, the entire area can be considered as one huge piece of memorabilia. It’s  the place where people show off their summer bods, celebrate spring break, and go clubbing.  By the way, you can swim there as well.

  • Culture

Miami has the largest Cuban population in the US, which provides the city with a unique culture. The laid back vibe that’s around may not apply to traffic, but the mediterranean feel is strong. Great foods, lovely drinks, and enjoying life (as long as you can handle the humidity).

What better way to pay a tribute to this amazing place than to hold a fully themed Miami Vice summer BBQ? So get down to the thrift shop, get your tickets, and get your 80’s outfit ready for this party. Like our Christmas parties and last year’s Feria de Spaces, we’re going all-out for the first big celebration of 2017, and as you’ve come to expect from us; it’s going to be epic.

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