A’mstelling you it’s gonna be great

Herengracht amsterdam coworking offices

Sitting proud on the Mr.Treublaan, our fourth location, Spaces Amstel, awaits the final additions to its structure. With one of Amsterdam’s largest atriums, we’re pretty confident in knowing it’s going to impress.

Amidst the struggle that real estate industry has endured over the last few years, the concept of shared workspace has only flourished. Especially on home turf. Our ideas to facilitate business growth, expansion and also day to day demands, have lead to us having to acquire a new location (not that I’m blowing our own trumpet). This time, it’s an extension of city centre and part of a huge project in order to redevelop the Amstel area.

The city centre multidisciplinary have teamed up to shadow the east in order to provide some moral support in executing the plans. With hundreds of new homes to be generated, plentiful office space, and areas of leisure, that annoying distinction between worklife and homelife is becoming smaller and smaller by the day. Just how we like it.

Joining us on the jump to east to Spaces Amstel will be fellow tenants Uber and Amazon. Our newest location is in prime position. Just a few moments from the station, the time of your commute can be reduced, your coffee strong, and yes, your week short. Our mission to change the way people work, and how people think about work really resonates with the regeneration of the Amstel area. The plan is to challenge the city’s existing dynamics, ultimately to build on the cities metropolitan dynamics.

With sustainable living hottin’ up in the media, it’s also hot on our list of priorities. We try to contribute to a greener world in as many ways as possible. Our atrium will accommodate for as much natural light as possible, and the rest will be produced by solar panels. As for cutting carbon (if the Dutch weren’t good enough at that already), rumour has it that BMW’s i3 will be taking up a few parking spots for us all to share.

Are you joining us on the jump to Amstel too?

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