Exploring New Work in Hamburg’s Kallmorgen Tower

Martijn Roordrink and Michael Trautmann for On the way to new work at Spaces Kallmorgen Tower in Hamburg.

On The Way To New Work is a podcast by Michael Trautmann and Christoph Magnussen, based in Germany’s city of Hamburg. As entrepreneurs, they are highly interested in and inspired by the many new possibilities that the future of work brings. In addition to new technological tools, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, answering the question what “work” actually means and how it can bring satisfaction to the individual has become more relevant than ever before.

Too good to waste

In an attempt to explore this expansive topic, the two set out to publish a book focussing on New Work. They quickly realised that their conversations and interviews along the way were too good and fruitful to be wasted and thus began producing a podcast to document their journey. The result, thanks to overwhelming feedback: every Monday, Michael and Christoph publish a new episode of their podcast “On The Way To New Work”, in which they talk to inspiring people from all over the world – from entrepreneurs, over small, medium and large-sized companies and even philosophers, designers or consultants.

This is the backdrop to the very successful New Work launch event we staged at Spaces Kallmorgen Tower in Hamburg on February 13th.

The evening began with Spaces’ CEO and co-founder Martijn Roordink getting interviewed for the podcast, followed by an inspiring panel discussion on the topic of New Work. Moderated by Michael Trautmann, the panellists – among them Diana Winzer (Otto Group), Tim Reusch (Vitra) and Martijn Roordink (CEO Spaces) – discussed the workplace of the future and the challenges that digitalisation, flexible working and the upcoming Generation Z may pose to employers.

Thanks to all attendees for making this exciting event such a successful evening filled with inspiration, interaction and beautiful night-time views over Hamburg.

Check out the podcast right here.

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