Break the routine and unleash your creativity

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It’s safe to say that we’re all creatures of habit. Doctors say, it’s good to have certain routines as they bring structure into your life. Like going to bed and eating around the same time. Meanwhile, science says routine is killing your creativity.

Spice up your life

Though, it makes perfect sense why we have them – those habits. For example, you probably make your breakfast the same way, every day, in the same kitchen. This way, it becomes habitual. You shift into autopilot, making your morning meal almost effortless. It doesn’t take away from thought process and makes your day easier. But did it ever occur to you that the power of habit might be also limiting your brain? We’re not saying you should break all routines, but we are saying: shake it up, every once in a little while. Time to break some habits and spice up your life.

Disrupt your morning routine

Let’s snap out of ‘habit mode’ and shake up your morning routine – with just some small changes. This can mean replacing old habits for new ones, or simply adding new habits to your routine. Mornings tend to form the rest of your day, so it is quite hard to break the cycle later on, when you’re already at work. So, why not start with changing your routine early in the day? Maybe try doing some micro-journaling on your commute to work, or talk on the phone with a friend. And instead of immediately opening that overflowing mailbox, start with a funny cat video or a happy baby that is laughing its diaper off on YouTube. Be rebellious on your coffee run and go for a double oat milk latte, instead of your usual recipe. It’s the perfect way to start your day, in a new and effective way. Those e-mails won’t go anywhere, promise.

Take a different route to work

A routine is a series of habits. And probably one of those habits is how you get to work. Once you get there, your mind is supposed to immediately shift into creative-original-mind-blowing-state.’ Well, good luck with that. It’s pretty hard getting out of your cycle of routine. Scientist say that even by biking a different route to work, you can already boost your creativity. It may seem small, but by going out of your way – literally – you see and learn new things, and your brain can make new connections.

Relocating works refreshing

‘Change the world’ or ‘come up with ground-breaking idea’ are not meetings you can just plan in your calendar. For that, you’ll need your creativity. And one way to get those creative juices flowing is to change your working environment. So, if you’re reading this blog at work; grab that laptop and go sit in another area, in a different seat, with different neighbours. Sometimes a change of scenery can already do the trick. If you’re reading this from home; go work at a coffee bar around the corner or, of course, plug into the energy of Spaces and get inspired by a flexible, open-minded workplace especially designed to help you do your best work.

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