How art can inspire you and take you further in business

Whether it’s a work of Banksy, a Sistine Chapel fresco or the Mona Lisa you’re gazing at, chances are it will boost your creativity and diminish stress. Research points out that even just by looking at art, your mind can regain focus, relieve mental fatigue and spark your creativity. Actually, the benefits of exposing yourself to art are countless…

It’s (not just) a piece of art

We think it’s safe to say that looking at art benefits us. Being surrounded by art and experiencing a trip to a museum can apparently relieves us in the same way as surrounding yourself by nature or being outdoors. At home we hang and enjoy pictures on the walls, why not do the same at work? Art has the power to fight the 9 to 5 rut and can break the normalcy of your daily work routine.

The art of decision-making

Maybe, whilst reading this blog, you’ve already taken a sneak peek at the walls surrounding you. But let’s get moving and take yourself on a little art expedition around Spaces. Trust us, there’s plenty of unique art to be found on the walls that is there with the sole purpose of inspiring you, opening up your world and get you away from that computer screen – even if it’s just for a minute or so. Moreover, viewing art has been proven to strengthen your critical thinking skills. So, if you’re about to make a difficult business decision, go ahead and roam around the building. Let’s see what artworks you stumble upon and can wonder off with.

Pics or it didn’t happen

Neuroscientific experiments find that not only viewing art can increase your creativity, making art can have the same effect on your brain. So grab your phone and go outside. It doesn’t really matter at what Spaces location you find yourself working; the challenge is to capture a beautiful moment at any given day, with any kind of weather, at any place. It’s the perfect way to take a break from work. And who knows, maybe your artwork will end up inspiring others one day.

Let’s celebrate the love of art

October last year, Spaces turned 10. And of course, we made sure we celebrated that birthday by throwing a memorable office party. But, we also launched a unique Spaces exhibition that shows an impeccable collection of artworks at 10 different locations all over the world. Hence the name of this collection: the Power of 10. To become part of this exclusive Spaces collection, all upcoming visual artist could submit 5 pieces of their work and got rated by a jury.

At Spaces, we love to share our love for distinctive art. Therefore, we organise many events in collaboration with local and international artists and renowned museums. Are you about to make a difficult decision business wise? Why not roam for 30 minutes in an art gallery or come to one of our art-related events at Spaces? If you’re curious, check out our upcoming events.

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