Keep it local, cut down the commute: Spaces opens a new location in Woking

Located a 25-minute train journey from London, amid the idyllic Surrey countryside, Woking is known as a ‘commuter town’. At Spaces, we’re not massively keen on that term. A commuter town sounds like somewhere defined by its proximity to somewhere else. The phrase reduces a place to the amount of train track that separates it from a major city. Kind of narrow-minded, really.

Especially when you know more about what Woking’s actually like. Punk band The Jam was formed here in the 1970s, forging a young Paul Weller into a rock star. Woking is on the doorstop of acres of green space, like Horsell Common, which lures active types to its biking trails and footpaths. It’s replete with parks, food festivals, buzzy pubs and bars, and a state-of-the-art shopping centre. It’s got a Chamber of Commerce and initiatives that support local startups. So, it has quite a lot going for it.

Let’s keep it local

And, like many other ‘commuter towns’, Woking has gained a merry band of bright young things who’ve been priced out of living in London. Keen for a better work-life balance, many of them are determined to spend less time on the train, whether that means working remotely, freelancing, or launching their own business.

Because, let’s face it, the days of needless commuting are numbered. As the cost of public transport continues to rise, and journey disruption becomes part of the daily rat-race routine, people want to make better use of their money and time. In the 2019 IWG Global Workspace Survey, 40% of people said that commuting is the worst part of their day. And so, fewer people are putting themselves through it – the survey also found that 50% of employees around the world are working outside of their main headquarters for at least 2.5 days each week.

But these reformed commuters need an inspiring base to carry out their working day. So for Woking folk, we’ve opened Spaces Woking One in a handy location opposite Woking Station. The new co-working hub in Surrey will help businesspeople ‘keep it local’ and cut down their time spent commuting to London.

london calling

If tenants have to answer London’s call, and pop on a train for some face-to-face time, then they can, easily. But with three meeting rooms, 44 parking spaces and plenty of bright, comfy workspace to choose from, the London team may want to stop by Woking for the next group huddle…

Spaces Woking One is moments from Woking’s excellent pedestrianised shopping centre, so tenants can pop out for a bite to eat or a drink after work, or even take in an exhibition at the Lightbox museum on their break.

The future of working involves cutting out the daily commute – or reducing it as much as possible – and keeping things local. Don’t get us wrong – a bit of distance between where you work and where you call home is ideal. But what if you could substitute 50 minutes sitting in silence on the train each day for a short walk into town, where you can mingle with local, likeminded businesspeople? No contest, right?

Are you a Woking-based entrepreneur or freelancer? Come check out the new Spaces Woking One.

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