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Amsterdam-London Cultural Crossover

Foam Talent London, 2016 © MrWize

Last week was a great moment for the Amsterdam and London cultural scene to come together.  With the Amsterdam deputy mayor travelling to London to kick-off and support the cultural crossover of photography and the performing arts.

On Friday Amsterdam’s leading theatre company TGA premiered their Shakespearian Kings of War in the Barbican Theatre. Just a day before the opening event of the Foam Talent exhibition took place in East London at the Beaconsfield Gallery.

Foam is the Amsterdam Photography Museum that is one of the leading museums in its field. The Foam Talent Exhibition celebrates the creative work of the world’s young (under 35) photography talents. The exhibition brought together a great crowd of 700 people, from young creatives to city officials, to partners from WeTransfer and Spaces; all together to watch the next big things in contemporary photography.

The Foam Talent Exhibition is open to public till May 22nd at Beaconsfield Gallery. Not from the area and planning a visit? Make it a working vacation and work for free at Spaces Oxford Street during the exhibition period.

All images are Foam Talent London, 2016 © MrWize

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