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Getting in the mood for Amsterdam Dance Event 2017

ADE 2017

Taking in the beautiful night-time view across the city while enjoying the classics, and honouring Amsterdam’s most iconic party. What better way to get fired up for a night full of musical marvel that is Amsterdam Dance Event.

Amsterdam Dance Event unleashed

Becoming one of the Netherlands’ classics isn’t an easy feat to accomplish, especially in the world of Dance. ADE pulled it off, even becoming a worldwide phenomenon with just few equals. With over 2200 artists, 500 speakers, and 140 venues, Amsterdam Dance Event is an absolute essential must-visit for any music-lover. If not just for the stage-designs and the incredible experience that comes with such immersion.

A journey through ADE

Taking over the entire city for a week and having DJ’s play in 140 venues across town is one heck of an accomplishment, and setting up a music festival on such an immense scale can’t be without trial-and-error. Which is why we’ve set up an inspirational night on our rooftop right before ADE 2017 kicks off. In a journey through the history and the development through the global phenomenon, you’ll experience a deep understanding to what makes this festival just so great. In a pre-party setting, how cool is that?

All fired up

Rogier van Twuijver is a sound-engineer for motion pictures at his own studio, Modern Day Composers. With a clientele that consists of the likes of Disney and HBO, odds are you’ve heard his work. Rogier has been a global dance entrepreneur since 2007 and knows everything about ADE, which makes him the guy to go-to for getting us in the mood for some great tunes. Once the mood is on, DJ Dino Klaassen will get everybody dancing towards the official start of Amsterdam Dance Event 2017.

Want to join in on the fun? Tickets are €15 and include drinks and bites. We’ve got 20 seats available for ADE ticket-holders. Just make sure to get your tickets in time, as seats are limited.

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