What’s happening at Spaces in week 15


One of the key factors that make Spaces such a great place to work at, has to be the variety of events happening all over the globe. Whether you’re looking for a good workout, exercises for the mind or simply to have a good time with your friends and colleagues from work, we’ve got you covered.  Here’s what’s on the event menu between April 8th until April 12th.

Informative meetups

april 9 // introduction to apollo // spaces 22 arroba, barcelona

Christian Ruiz, Innovation Lead in Beezy will explain how they have started to implement GraphQL and have been integrating this new API with a frontend in React. The idea of the meetup is to explain the Apollo functionalities they are using and the query component pattern with which they have managed to decouple the data access layer from its components and therefore make them independent of query technology. Join us!

aril 10 // how to give a presentation in english // spaces el bosque norte 200, Santiago

Learn how to give a presentation in English with Dynamic English. Join us!

April 11 // four keys to a successful presentation // spaces yorkville, toronto

In a world saturated with content, how can you ensure your message is getting heard? This fun and interactive workshop will show participants how to structure a dynamic message and deliver it with confidence, whether pitching to potential investors, presenting in a meeting, or giving a formal speech.  Join us!

april 11 // fuckup nights rotterdam vol. xvi // spaces hofplein, rotterdam

Never bury your failures, but let them inspire you. During FuckUp Nights Rotterdam, fellow entrepreneurs share their best professional fuckups. This event is rock-hard, highly recognisable, but above all it’s pretty f*cking hilarious. So, join in for a cosy night of FUN, beers, and inspiring stories.


coached events


APril 9 // Speed-hiring event for spaces in vienna // spaces orbi tower, vienna

Speed-hiring is just like speed-dating, meaning that you get a short-limited time to show us that you have what it takes to join the Spaces team. We are opening a totally new Spaces location in Vienna, and are assembling the perfect team right now. Are you seeing your future role right now in front of your eyes? Don’t wait any longer. Click here to see which jobs are available. Just make sure to use your 15 minutes wisely and convince us that you are the right person for the job.

april 11 // leading  with coaching events // spaces postitalo, oslo

Wouldn’t it be great to learn something new about ourselves? We are privileged to have our customer Jaana Ahtonen-Huuskonen from Dialogo here for the morning to educate us about  “Leading with coaching methods.” Take a cup of coffee, bring an open mind and get ready to learn and do some workshop with your neighbours.

april 11 // mindfulness: rediscover your energy // spaces eur laurentina, rome

Discover how Mindfulness activities reduce stress.  Discover a new way of relating, train a functional way to live the emotions and choose with freedom the steps to be taken. Sign up.



april 9 // coffee roulette // Spaces wai yip street, hong kong

We’re trying to brew the perfect opportunity for you to meet like-minded people in our community; as we believe that a little chit-chat can go a long way to forge more connections.  Breakfast is on us! Join us.

April 12 // Diamond truck show // Spaces yorkville, toronto

Sping is Here!  Couple is the first luxury lab-grown diamond brand that is revolutionizing the online experience by eliminating the complexities of purchasing an engagement ring. Come by and enjoy a glass of bubbly! We’ll have a few of our favourite styles on-hand for Spaces members to try on. Our team will be available to answer any questions you have about lab-grown diamonds as well as, sharing our insights and the latest trends.

april 13 // sofar sounds Dc // spaces chase tower, usa

At Sofar, we like to ask: who’s ever been to a bad gig? For some, the crowd was too loud or maybe the beer was warm. For others, the sound system wasn’t doing the artist justice. Or maybe someone was in the line of view, snapping selfies all night. Whatever the experience, it just wasn’t what you hoped or expected. The magic of a live event experience has been lost. Sofar Sounds was founded to bring back that magic. Join us!

That’s all for this week, but we’ve got plenty more awesome events coming up this month. Check out our full calendar of events right here

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