A green office is a productive office.

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If you ever visited a Spaces, you may have noticed that we don’t shy away from office greenery. We don’t just do that because it looks good, they also help you feel good. Not only does it help increase your productivity, working in a green office even has added health benefits such as air filtration and reducing sickness.

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A recent Harvard study shows a big difference between people working in workspaces with  green-emerged offices and people working in workspaces with no plants. People get a 26% boost in cognition, and 30% fewer sickness related absences when they work at a beautiful, green location. Also: the study showed that there’s a 6% rise in their quality of sleep, which means it doesn’t only have great work advantages – it also has its perks for the mind when your mind is actually switched off.

To be able to boost your productivity and also benefit from the health advantages of having plants at the office, the size of the plant does not matter. Whether you have some small cacti on the table, or a huge tree in the middle of the office, it will work wonders for the office well-being. Enough reason to buy that beautiful little Bonsai tree that has been waiting for you.

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First things first, to keep your greens alive and healthy, it’s crucial to place your plants in the right spot. Give it too much sunshine and warmth and it will die. Give the plant too little light and the same will happen. Therefor, make sure to do some research on the exact amount of light that enables your plants to thrive. Also, spice things up and move some furniture around to create the perfect spot for your plant. Why not switch from desks, which is quite easy when you’re working at a coworking space. Are you living or working in a dungeon? Make sure to buy something like a snake plant, it’s one of the best indoor low-light plants out there. Another especially nice feature of this plant; it can handle infrequent watering (like once a month, ideal for the busy business person).

Looking to find a natural way of boosting office productivity?  Or  want to be surrounded by plants as if you’re working in a beautifully designed jungle? Sprinklr & Spaces are working together to green up your working space. Because when you surround yourself with plants, you’ll become less stressed, more creative and more healthy. Our friends at Sprinklr can help you out with that, they offer a very nice deal for  our community in The Netherlands and Belgium. All their office plants are sustainable and organic, so going green has never been greener.

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