What your Spaces location says about you

City Centre

Is your location buried in the hustle and bustle of a city? You’re relaxed, cool, and collected. You’ve got a strong line between work and outside life. You’ve been up since 6am to get to your hot yoga class before you clock in to work. Your colleagues don’t seem to understand why you wear jeans to the office, but that’s okay.

Business District

You’re the definition of work hard, play hard. You’re the life and soul of the office (and party), though your friends are a little bit worried about you. After a long day of grafting, you’re the one scanning the office to see who’s down for vodka and oysters. We’re all envious of your energy and wonder how you do it. You’re probably all about that grafting. All you do is win, win, win.

Beachside Business

Do you prefer your Spaces by the beach? If so, you’re probably the most laid back and chill. You’ve got a penchant for surf-inspired gear at the office, but your colleagues refuse to comment on it. You don’t like bad vibes in the office, and will try to mediate any negative energies  (which may or may not involve using a sage burner).

Middle-of-Nowhere Business Hub

Do you prefer your work location to be off the beaten track? You drive a minimum of two hours per day for work, but you reckon it beats the business district any day. Voted most likely in the office to tag their instagram posts with “boss babe”.

Coffee Shop Location

You’re suave, savvy, and suited to boot. You’re on the top of your game and you know all the ins and outs and best spots in the district. You may or may not work in journalism. You also probably have a caffeine addiction.


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