Spaces Hammersmith is going to make work feel a whole lot better

Let’s get something straight: Hammersmith is a whole lot more than a flyover. Turn off the motorway and what you’ll find in among some of the capital’s most desirable housing stock is a charming and chic London village, complete with enough local bars, boutiques and restaurants to keep even the most omnivorous types occupied. It’s also home to a corporate commercial centre, with many of the world’s biggest brands placing their UK HQs here thanks to its proximity to Heathrow. And now, coworking in Hammersmith is about to take off too, with the introduction of Spaces Hammersmith The Foundry.

Centrally located on Fulham Palace Road, it’s hard to believe what this building has become when you learn of its previous incarnation as a post-industrial 1980s office block. The decade that fashion forgot, these days there’s not a perm or a ra-ra skirt in sight, and Hammersmith offices have taken a decidedly upmarket turn since the remodeling and subsequent opening of this beauty. Now that our favourite ugly duckling has grown into itself, visitors to this Spaces swan can expect to be dazzled by four storeys of glass panels on the outside and a soaring double-height reception area on the inside.

Meeting rooms in Hammersmith are well-covered by what The Foundry has to offer: with a choice of six boardroom-style set-ups, seating ranges from four in some, to ten in others. So whether you’re after a team brainstorming sesh or a swanky meet-the-clients affair, your party will be impressed by the design-driven fittings and fixtures (and the friendly welcome from our reception). Speaking of which, all call-taking and mail-handling can be taken care of by them in-house, should you require a virtual office.

Now’s probably the right time to tell you about the fern-filled roof terrace, which comes complete with those picture-perfect skyline views you see at the end of glossy London-set TV dramas. A destination in its own right, the terrace is the ideal spot to toast your latest client, get some fresh air and a new perspective, or simply relax with colleagues and coworkers at the end of another productive day. From top to bottom, this location is all about space – to chill, to dream and to work. It’s so generously apportioned, in fact, that we’ve also included somewhere to let off steam: did we mention there was a squash court thrown in too?

Of course, this being Spaces you can expect all the fancy furnishings and masterly mod-cons that turn the working day from a series of chores into a set of choices. Don’t forget you’ll also be working in a space designed to engage, inspire and keep you feeling fresh. What about a cosy nook to concentrate on the latest brief? Or a desk to knuckle down and finish that presentation? If you’re in need of a little R&R, why not try the sofas in the breakout area for some light reading and a chat with a fellow coworker? Forget name-badges and awkward chitchat: there’s no telling who you might meet in this creative corner of West London, transforming the whole concept of networking into one of an adventure – and real opportunity.

We like fun at Spaces but we know you need to get work done too. That’s why the entire building is fully wired with super-fast Wi-Fi, and there are boring but useful facilities like photocopiers and printers are on hand in their most technologically advanced forms – we want to make your day a seamless one, so that you can concentrate on the bits that only you can do. And now that we’ve got all that out of the way, let’s head back up to that fern-filled roof terrace…

Grabbed your attention? Let us get you started. Here’s what we have to offer.

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