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Small signs, massive impact.


It doesn’t matter if you’ve got moves like Jagger or hardly any moves at all, as long as you rock with what you’ve got. Some say you need to be confident, others say a more modest approach is better. Some say energetic, others say calm, and then there are the many differences in the way that it appears all over the globe. We’re talking about body language of course. The real MVP when it comes to communicating and making a lasting impression.

It’s all in the details.

Our body says more about us than anything else does. About 93% of all communication is transmitted by the way we look, act, and by the way we say things. There’s a lot that can give away what’s in our minds. Not looking someone in the eyes, or doing it too much, shrugging, headshaking, constantly checking the time, acting fidgety, or even something as simple as the positioning of the arms can be easily picked up by others.

Giving off the right signals.

In a time where anyone can get photographed, filmed, and posted online, making sure your body language is giving off the right vibe can make all the difference. You wouldn’t want to be seen slouching and sighing by potential customers or employers. It gets more complicated. If your body radiates negativity, there’s a high probability your results will suffer for it. And not just your professional results will suffer because of said negativity; personal relations will share the same impact. A lack of empathy or confidence, or at least the appearance of it, can make or break potential relationships. Which is, needless to say, not very good for you.

Close-up from afar.

The importance of emitting the right signals is also acknowledged by what appears in the media every week. Just search any news outlet for ‘body language’ and see what pops up. There appears to be a trend in investigating body language portrayed by politicians, athletes, and celebrities. In these articles, important meetings or get-togethers are held under a magnifying glass by experts to discover what’s really going on. It’s safe to say that most of these news articles mainly portray negative traits, simply because it’s way more interesting. Taking this into consideration, becoming aware of just how important positive body language is should come easily. If you’re still wondering how this might affect you, just remember this: Your body says what you’re not saying.


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