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Putting the core in corporate

Yoga wellness

We spend a third of our lives at work so it’s unsurprising that what we do at work has a huge impact on our health. 82% of business costs are spent on salaries, so employers are also becoming more aware of the importance of well-being. After all, healthy employees are more engaged and take less sick leave. And these could be key in developing a high performance organisation.

Being ‘on’ is not beneficial for your health

Our work world is changing. Advancements in technology mean that we can now work anywhere, at anytime. In an always ‘on’ world, it is becoming harder and harder to disconnect. The transition between work and home is becoming increasing blurred, with traditional 7 or 8hr “working days” no longer the norm. There have also been changes in the physical demands of work.

An increased reliance on computers have led to many being employed in sedentary jobs. Occupations which involve moderately intense physical activities have decreased from 48% in 1960 to 20% in 2008. And our always ‘on’ world isn’t helping, with an increase in stress and mental health issues seemingly correlating.

With 80% of workers in the US reporting feeling stress on the job leading health agencies such as the World Health Organisation, identify the workplace as a key place to fight lifestyle diseases.

Energy needs to be renewed

Research has shown that energy is not an infinite resource and optimum performance needs regular renewal. So managing energy is a key element to avoid fatigue and burnout, and help us thrive in both our personal and working lives. Stress for example, which we mentioned earlier, isn’t necessarily always bad. In many situations, it can help get things done. But chronic stress will have an impact and this is where recovery is crucial in maintaining a healthy balance.

This is an excerpt, read the full article on Leesman Index.

Relieve yourself from stress factors

A great way to get active is doing it as a team and making it a joint effort. Spaces will be active on the football and hockey pitches in Rotterdam and Amsterdam this summer, there are weekly community-runs in The Hague, bootcamp sessions at Spaces Menlo Park and Dallas, yoga sessions at most Spaces locations and after summer you can join the  10EM-run in Amsterdam. Who says finding time to exercise is hard when you can combine it with work and have enough peer support around you?

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