Seven reasons why you should have office drinks

You’ve seen them, heard of them, of maybe even visited one or more of them. The notorious office drinks. Usually it heralds the start of weekend, or just nudges you to start the weekend early, like on a Thursday for example. But why are office drinks good for you and your co-workers? There’s a whole bunch of reasons to come up with, but as that might give the wrong ideas, we’ll stick to seven reasons why.

  1. Drinking (with moderation) boosts your problem-solving skills.
    It’s true. Research shows that people with a slight intoxication, solve their problems slightly better than their sober counterparts. Of course this only applies if you drink moderately. And, well, usually office drinks take place after work. The solution? Start your beer or wine an hour before you pack up. It’ll help you get through the final hour.
  2.  You can keep it alcohol-free.
    All the benefits without the hangover. Okay, maybe not the problem-solving part. But still, staying sober during these drinks doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time. Just being there will help you relax and enjoy hanging out with your colleagues. It doesn’t really matter, as long as you have fun.
  3.  You become closer with your colleagues and co-workers.
    Turning the people you work with into friends will make working long days more bearable. If you ever need a hand, of course a friend is going to help you. Not only do you gain allies at the office, your team will get better results because of it. Getting too close and comfortable is something to be careful of, but once again, moderation is key.
  4. More bang for your buck.
    After working for 8 hours or more, you’re usually tired and hungry. Pro-tip: one beer will hit like two beers. This is one to both cherish and be careful for. Usually getting a 2 for 1 discount feels like a victory, so treat that after-work beer the same. Enjoying that warm buzz after a long day is a great feeling when you’re on your way to the weekend. It’s getting old, but once again, moderation. Don’t get too greedy or overly enthused, as getting drunk at work is dangerous. No need for explanations, just don’t.
  5. The snacks.
    Oh yes, the snacks. The fuel necessary to prevent the alcohol from hitting too hard, and to keep you going until you can enjoy dinner. A good office drinks makes sure there’s plenty of snacks, either hot or cold.
  6. It’s fun.
    This one sells itself. Usually the goal of the drinks is to blow off steam together, and why not engage fully in doing so? Everyone needs a moment to cool down after a week’s worth of work, and enjoying a beer or two is a good way to talk about other stuff than work and relax. Sometimes there’s a theme, or a special edition to make it extra fun. So you might as well release some inhibitions and have a good time.
  7. The weekend.
    Of course the drinks are fun and tasty and all, but the real reason for having office drinks is of course celebrating the weekend. You’re through another week of working hard, and now comes the time to take a step down and relax. Taking the time to relax is very important, not just for relieving stress, but also for recharging, and giving your body and mind the time process the week.

If these reasons haven’t convinced you, how about an open invite to our awesome office drinks. Whether it’s on the beer garden of Zuidas, the Rooftop of the Vijzelstraat, or any other location. Don’t miss out. Have a drink, relax, and let the weekend begin!

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