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Meet Janneke Niessen, co-founder of Improve Digital

Meet one of our speakers at Amsterdam Talks Tech – Female Edition: Janneke Niessen, co-founder and CTO of Improve Digital.

Janneke is a serial entrepreneur and most recently co-founded Improve Digital, a leading European marketing technology firm. She currently serves as the company’s Chief Innovation Officer. She also invests considerable time serving as a member of company (advisory) boards, she is mentor for start-ups, and she is active as an angel investor.

Janneke is also co-initiator of InspiringFifty, a pan-European programme that identifies, encourages, develops, and showcases women in leadership positions within the technology sector. As part of the InspiringFifty initiative, Janneke has published Project Prep, a novel for young girls in conjunction with an award winning child book’s author. The goal of the project is to encourage young girls, inspiring them to pursue a career in technology and invest in an educational foundation focusing on math and computer science.

Janneke recently joined the supervisory board of UNICEF and writes a column about entrepreneurship for Sprout and about technology for LINDA. Janneke was named 2014 EY Entrepreneur of the Year and Most Innovative Leader in 2016, two of many in a long list of honours for Janneke in her time with Improve Digital.

Janneke is a self-proclaimed work-a-holic and serial entrepreneur. Her story is a string of insightful and candid anecdotes and powerful tips for other entrepreneurs. One of her best insights is that without failure you cannot call yourself a true entrepreneur, with failure comes wisdom “We need to change our perspective on failure in order to grow as entrepreneur!”

Watch Janneke speak at 2013’s TedxAmsterdamWomen:

Want to hear Janneke’s experiences about her career in tech? Sign up for Amsterdam Talks Tech’s Female Edition on October 11th at Spaces Herengracht. 

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