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Make Amsterdam Mobile Again

amsterdam mobility

Amsterdam. A city that has beautiful canals, historical landmarks, and a notoriously cluttered infrastructure. From tourists on bikes to trams dashing by, the city is absolutely buzzing. For locals it’s just another day in the park, for non-locals it’s, well, terrifying. Inner-city traffic is not for everyone, but luckily there are those dedicated to setting new standards for getting around in the city.

Ride down to Electric Avenue

Nobody likes streets filled up with parked cars that make it impossible to move around. Even though Amsterdam might be home to the fewest number of cars per resident in the Netherlands, you can’t really tell with all the non-residents coming in to the city every day. Amber Mobility is a company dedicated to changing this. By creating fully electric shared cars, they want to bring an end to polluting cars, as well as the clutter caused by parked cars. By vastly increasing the availability of vehicles, it won’t be necessary to own an expensive, mostly unused car in the future. You can just take any car that is near you, without even needing keys. You can just use the app in stead. Of course these are just the basics. Amber Mobility will be a guest speaker for Amsterdam Talks Tech: Smart Cities & Mobility, so by all means, do come by to find out more.

What does mine say?

Why stop at shared cars when there’s so much more to share? If there’s one thing that embodies Amsterdam, it’s the bike. A well-known service is the ov-fiets. It’s a bike that you can use with your public transport card. The downside? You have to bring it back to the train station. That’s where the Bikevertisement Company comes in. They’ve designed nearly bulletproof bikes that can be picked up and returned anywhere and anytime. You unlock it via an app, and to make sure it doesn’t get stolen, it comes with a handy anti-theft system. All bikes come with a huge billboard on the side, so that while you’re using it, you’re also advertising for a company. This provides an easy and affordable solution to reduce cars, take pressure off public transport and reduce the number of bikes without an owner. Come see The Bikevertising Company at Amsterdam Talks Tech to get a more in-depth story.

Mobility matters

Amsterdam Smart City is a community-based hub that holds all kinds of different smart solutions targeted directly at the city. Technology, living, mobility, they do it all. Mobility wise, they have loads of interesting projects. From re-charging electrical cars, rentable bikes, ridesharing, you name it. They’re making the city future-proof and smart. The same goes for the concept of Next Urban Mobility. They identify opportunities and problems, so that they can create and implement all kinds of initiatives to increase the mobility within the city.

All these great initiatives, start-ups, and companies will be our guest speakers at Amsterdam Talks Tech: Smart Cities and Mobility on April 11th at Spaces Herengracht. You definitely don’t want to miss out on these amazing speakers, so get your tickets here, and come by to find out how they will Make Amsterdam Mobile Again!

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