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How to Maintain a Good Relationship with your Team

Many entrepreneurs face the same thing at a certain point, they find themselves being an employer instead of being an entrepreneur. Because with a growing business, comes a growing team. Instead of having the time to create new opportunities, you are all of a sudden busy with  administration, evaluations and recruiting even more staff.  So you hire more staff to take care of those aspects, ensuring that you can continue to focus on the business developments.


Then comes the challenge that you want to be part of the team without having to deal with the team. How do you maintain a relationship with the people who work for you when you don’t work with them?

1. team meetings.

Join in team meetings.  Make sure that you join in team meetings and listen to the challenges the various departments face.

2. open-door policy.

Keep an open door-policy or don’t have a door in your office, or even better, don’t have your own office. Sit with your team in the same area, make yourself available.

3. team events

Organise group events outside of work. This could be anything to a BBQ, having a company football team or bowling competition on Wednesday night. Just make sure that you don’t mention “the targets” or anything else work-related.

4. get to know each other.

Know more about your team’s personal life. Know about their personal relationships, families and living situation, enough to ask and enquire how things are going.

5. share the table.

Always eat together, don’t skip lunch with team.

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