What Does it Mean to Be a Good Manager?

For any employer it is a challenge to be a good manager. Because it’s easy to overlook the people who work for you when everyone is doing their job. Of course maintaining a good relationship with your team is important and a good way to keep your people happy. But there are more ways to ensure that you are a good manager. Here are 6 tips on how to be a good employer:

Too much over-time.

It’s a common mistake to give the majority of the work to your most valued employees, but this can sometimes be perceived as punishment by them. So take care of the workload of your employees and ensure that they don’t have to work over-time too often.

Compliment and reward.

Acknowledge when good work is being done. Don’t forget to thank people for their efforts and ensure that you recognise their part of the company’s success.

Little involvement.

Don’t lose sight of your employees and build up a relationship with them. Celebrate together in your successes and support in the failures, both business and personal.

A deal’s a deal.

A good manager, and employer, is only as trustworthy as the appointments they make and keep. This will make you gain your employees trust and respect. You also set an example, because if the employer doesn’t keep to their part of the deal, why should the rest?

A place for passion.

Make room for talented people to bring out their passion in their work. This makes them feel valued and appreciated, thus will increase their productivity. Research has shown that people who feel passionate in their work, will work in a state of flow. And people who work in a flow are 5 times more productive.

Room to grow.

Give your people room to develop and grow by giving them autonomy, trust and empowerment. Be a good listener, give feedback and be available.  If you don’t give people feedback they either get cocky or bored, neither is desirable.

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