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The Four Profiles of Mobility of Workers

Going to work can be a predictable activity. You start up your laptop or computer, get the first of perhaps many coffees and settle at your desk. You have a social chat with others, discuss business matters, have a meeting or give a presentation. But these are all mobile activities. Where do you most often do your less mobile activities, such as emailing, or doing administration?

The four profiles of workers mobility.

Leesman has identified four different mobility profiles for workers, reflecting the way you use your workplace, your surroundings and where you are based for most of your work activities. Their research actually shows that employees who work in an activity based way, in an environment that supports movement, reap more benefits. Leesman conducted a survey among 70K+ workers and come to  the following profiles with the productivity & pride scores. It shows that with high productivity comes a lot of pride. Here are the four profiles:

The Camper or Squatter.

The is the type of worker that almost literally camps out at his workplace. They hardly move around and most likely have a dedicated workspace.
On the Leesman’s survey score:
Productivity: 43,2% |  Pride: 51,8%

The Timid Traveller.

The name is already quite clear, this is the type of worker who is slowly but steadily moving more and more away from their workspace.
On the Leesman’s survey score:
Productivity: 52,9%  |  Pride: 68,1%

The Intrepid Explorer.

These are people who dare to explore more progressively around various workspaces.
On the Leesman’s survey score:
Productivity: 58,3%  |  Pride: 77,5%

The True Transient.

This is actually the smallest group but is expected to grow more rapidly than the others. This is the type of worker who are the most mobile.
On the Leesman’s survey score:
Productivity: 65,5%  |  Pride: 81,8%

What about you?

Of course, as a member of Spaces you have the option to work as a True Transient. Do you dare to work this way? Or are you more comfortable as an Intrepid Explorer?

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