Do you have what it takes to work out of the office?

More and more employers are realising that flexibility in the workplace can stimulate the productivity of their employees. The days that working outside of our office was seen as a threat, are getting further away from us. However, deciding for yourself where and when you want to work, does not work out for everyone.

Why choose flexible working? If your employer gives you the opportunity to occasionally decide where you want to work, it is from a belief that it will enhance your productivity. Limiting your daily commute, will give you more time to work and more energy. Time and energy that you can put into your work. Makes sense, right?

Flexible working equals freedom but it does require a lot of discipline. It starts with choosing the location from where you want to work. Working from home sounds very nice and all, but you should consider alternatives. If you were given the choice to work flexible, then it’s wise to keep in mind the following:

1. Find a balance between the wishes of your employer and your own.

What tasks do I have to do in the office and which can be done anywhere else? Discuss with your manager and make sure that you are aware of the distinction. If you know this, you can really make your flexible working day beneficial.

2. Make sure that you are  easily reached.

Make sure that your coworkers are aware that you are just as easily reached outside as inside the office. Modern technology makes it so easy to connect. Talk to your coworkers and agree what to use; email, Whatsapp, Skype or a Google Hangout?

3. Know your own preferences.

So you know what your managers and coworkers expect of you, but do you also know what works for you? Do you want to work from home, the library or a coffee shop? Or do you prefer a shared office or co-working space? Whatever you choose, it is important that you keep your days structured.

4. Recognise what work and what doesn’t.

Are your books colour coordinated after a day working from home? Do you notice that you’re only Instagramming your lattes at the coffeeshop? This is work evasive behaviour, make sure that your recognise the symptoms when this happens. And make sure that you find way to remedy this.
You can, for example, get special programs that block social media or find a partner in crime to work together. Preferable an experienced flexible worker. Because flexible working requires a lot of discipline. Allow yourself the time to get used to it and to find the best way to work out of the office without losing productivity.

Interested in trying out flexible working in one of our Business Clubs? Contact us for a free trial working day at any Spaces worldwide.

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