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Our next creative meet up is all about launching your business to the next level by means of  media, influencers and people. Although the strategy for your SEO and analytics is crucial, it’s important not to shy away from the more traditional means of word of mouth, or in today’s era, word of screen. Ahead of our All About Growth theme, we introduce you to our speakers. All of whom are ready to share the tricks of the trade from a their fine experience amongst know it alls. Our 3 inspiring and knowledgable speakers will be giving you the low down on social innovation, how to utilise influencers that are already pioneering the scene, and give you a taster of growth hacking (it’s 2018, who doesn’t love a good hack?).

Lucille Moreau – Protein

Lucille is an insight analyst over at Protein. Protein is an agency that helps you get the most out of your creative content and media platforms. Lucille’s role is to read between the lines and delve deeper into understanding what content is working wonders for you and phase out the efforts that aren’t working so productively. In the age of social media power, her experience allows you to work together to create more engaging content to keep your consumers gripped. Lucille delves in the realms of what makes young people tick and what it is that makes us all crave that youthful blush. Her youth report helps identify their desire and ability to shape-shift around whatever society push and pulls and is definitely something all businesses should strive for in order to boost growth.

Kirsty Sharman – Push Media

Push media is is a growth marketing agency that does more than it says on the tin. Pushing the boundaries of knowledge, strategy and growth by teasing apart market trends and binding successful content. Kirsty Sharman focuses on influencer marketing and knows how to use people power. She will shed light on how to reach out and tailor-fit influencers to your business. What started off as the next word on the street thing to cotton on is now a reality that nearly every company uses in order to increase their outreach. If treated right, influencers will do most of the talking for you, so you can take a step back and focus on things on the back burner and growth will come to you.

Tom Eijck – Unique Uitzendbureau

Whilst we float in our digital dreams, it’s easy to lose track of what we all depend on the most; people. Tom’s role at Unique is the Culture and Social Innovation Manager and entails ensuring the efforts that bind companies inside success is reflected in their employees. He will leave us clued up on how to keep our staff engaged and how to let them fly. Employer branding  is easy branding that is often forgotten or masked amongst bigger targets. If you’re finding the perfect match for a role, then their individual fulfilment will scream benefits for your companies success.

This round of our Creative Meet-Up is definitely not one to be missed so be sure to grab your ticket right now!

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