Coping with the commute.

Spaces bike for coping with the commute

We’ve all done it at some point. The commute. Whether you’re doing it by car, public transports, by bike, or even on foot, there are different upsides and downsides to each and every travel method.  Ask anyone who’s been commuting for two hours a day for a few years, and they’ll say it eventually grew on them as they learned to accept it as a part of their day. Which just goes to show that you learn how you should be coping with the commute. Here are some key points to remember if you’re struggling with accepting your commute.

fast cars, slow traffic

Commuting by car is probably the loneliest form of commuting when you’re undergoing it all by yourself, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing.  If you’re an einzelgänger, you make the loneliness your forté. Turn it a moment of reflection that allows you to recharge your inner battery.  Or you crank up the volume of your car radio and sing along as loud as possible. A little private singing session can be an absolutely positive way of blowing off some steam, rather than resorting to road rage or anxiety. If you’re not into riding solo, the loneliness can be fixed by carpooling for instance.

Besides the lonely aspect, driving is probably one of the worst commutes for the environment. However, driving electric makes it less bad. So does hopping on a train or carpooling. Still, the other downsides are pretty universal, for any type of driver. The big one is without any doubt the traffic jams. Occurring at any given day, around any major city or business hub, these huge delays can ruin your day. There’s nothing you can do to avoid them, unless you know a shortcut (but if it was really a shortcut, you’d be taking that route anyways). But no, there’s no such thing as driving to avoid the traffic congestion. Besides the uncomfortable moments and situations that you stumble upon when driving, it’s not always the journey that can get you down, the destination can be just as bad. When you’ve having trouble finding a parking spot, and your closest opportunity is a paid parking garage some 20 minutes away, missing that all-important meeting just might  be on the table. Dealing with the downsides isn’t always easy, but at least the car provides you with a sense of independence, which certainly beats delayed trains. And it’s that sense of independence you should cherish when you’re stuck in traffic again. And count to ten.

busy buses, trashy trains

Taking the train, metro or bus can be pretty nice at times, as long as everything runs according to schedule, you can find a seat and everything’s clean so you can get comfortable. When taking the public transport for your commute, it’s important to always remember the positives. Especially when you’re tired after a hard day’s work, it can feel liberating to sit down and just relax. All you need to do is to get comfy and you can wear off the stress of the day. Or when you need some me-time to update your email, your social channels, or to simply read the news with some tunes in the background. Public transport is great for doing so. It’s the time and place that lets you completely shut off for a moment.

Obviously, in such a  case you need to be able to shut off, which isn’t always possible. Loud people, less-than-ideal airconditioning or heating, unexplained smells – all can contribute to a bad commuter’s experience. Which is still better than when it becomes downright  horrible. Nobody likes to wait for a continuously delayed train in the cold winter, or stand in an overly packed compartment, reminiscent of a tin of sardines. It’s times like these that can really bring you down. Still, it’s best to learn to accept that this can happen. Usually, you’re not the only one who’s suffering because of it, your fellow commuters feel exactly the same. A great conversation can make a bad situation pretty bearable.

Walk this way

If you live close by your job, you’ve hit the jackpot. Nothing beats taking the bike or taking a walk. Not only is it good for your health, it’s also the climate neutral solution. Unfortunately, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. This is the most weather-dependent option, and that’s for good reason. Nobody likes to ride around in the rain carrying a laptop on their back, or walk around for too long in a snowstorm or heat wave. Still, if you have the chance to walk or bike to work, take it. It’s a luxury not everyone can afford.

We can’t completely remove your commute, but we can make it as short as possible. That’s why we’re always working to open more Spaces all around the world. Want to find your nearest location? Check our locations page right here


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