Changing Perspectives on Working Needs

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Our perspectives on working needs are changing. Our entire attitude towards the way we approach work is changing. Work is growing into a natural impulse that is in line with who you are as a person. This development is fed by the technological opportunities surrounding us. To be able to work well is no longer something that is linked to place and time. Nowadays, we can shape our own ways of working. Work is about people and their ideas. Cooperation and co-creation are ways of working that are the very opposite to the traditional ways that used to prevail.

In the modern economy it’s less about having. We share our house via AirBnB, our car via UBER, our tools via Peerby and our ideas via TEDx. The number of people who thrive in this new way of connecting and organising is growing rapidly. This growing group understands that their work needs can be adapted to the work they do.

The traditional office is in some cases not enough of a foundation for this innovation. We no longer want to work at a place nor an environment that dictates when we should be productive or how we schedule our day. We want creative and dynamic spaces, spots where we can collaborate and spots where we can simply withdraw. We want to choose the environment that stimulates us most.

A good idea often comes unexpectedly. Within the wall of the traditional office environment, we interact with the same people every day. What if we could both change the environments we work in during our workday and be surrounded by passionate, driven people from all kinds of disciplines? Where getting a cup of coffee could lead to your next inspirational business idea.

Inspire your creativity through our programme of social and networking events. Meet new people and form new ideas.  Check out the events page for what’s coming up in 2016.

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