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How to Win the War for Talent

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Today companies are no longer fully in charge of how their employees do their work. With new technologies, come new opportunities. Working from any other place than the office, has never been easier. Companies who are not willing to give in to this have a problem, because the new generation is all about adapting to new technologies in the work environment. If companies want to attract young talent, then they have to prepare and get ready for the new ways of working.

The requirements of young talent for their working environment, don’t always match with that what is offered to them. The new generation of workers prefer to plan their own schedule and decide for themselves where and when they can be most productive. The notion that your best ideas come from having to sit at the same desk opposite the same colleagues, is out of date.

The new generation of workers thrive on having a sense of freedom. This freedom can be comprised by the following aspects like experiencing trust by their employer, being able to use inspiring workplaces, being surrounded by inspiring people and companies but also a short commute to work and having technical support to share knowledge through various online channels.

Large corporations who are not ready for the modern working methods of their younger staff member, have no other choice than the come to terms with the new ways of working. This means valueing your staff on results instead of attendance. Not being afraid of letting people work outside of the office and let them experience new things. The connection should be based on mutual trust, making them feel free and inspired. This stimulates an entrepreneurial and creative spirit and in the long term everyone involved will profit from this.

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