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The Challenges of Being a Digital Nomad

It’s sounds like the ideal combination; combining work and travel. For those who want to go for a longer period of time than just a “workation”, there is the life of a digital nomad. Travelling for a year or even longer and having just wifi and electricity as the bare necessities. This sounds ideal.

Keeping up with your clients

However, is it really? Because going to a different country means setting-up every time in different timezones. And often you’ll find that having business partners or clients in different countries, blurs the line between private and business time. Because if your client is in Europe, but you’re on this idyllic Indonesian island, keeping in touch means that you  have to be available when you actually want to be sightseeing, partying or sleeping.

Setting up shop

So you have to be available almost 24/7 that’s challenge number one. And challenge number 2 is when travelling to a new country, you have to set everything up again. What’s the best way to get internet, is  the wifi strong enough here or do I need cables, where do I get a local sim-card? Arranging all this can be stressful and takes up some time.  So make sure that you don’t expect to set up shop in a new country straightaway. It can happen that you have to work from the local internet café instead of the relaxing hammock by the beach or from your own Brooklyn brownstone.

Expect the unexpected

Being a digital nomad offers so much more than the hassle we just described, it will also offer you experiences that will last a lifetime. You’ll probably meet so many new people, experience and see new things and enrich both your professional and personal life.

Make it easier

Not ready to fully embrace the digital nomad life but do want to try a workation? Members of Spaces have it easy, because you have access to all our global locations. Want to know where you can go? Check out our locations, you can find us in Asia, Central and North America, Australia and Europe.

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