Three ways to boost employee wellbeing through office design

Socially distanced desks, hand sanitising stations and wipe-clean surfaces are all crucial for helping your employees feel safe and happy at work. But is there anything else you can do in terms of décor to help boost their wellbeing?

Research shows that an office with pleasant design touches can boost employee health and happiness – as well as improve productivity. And while an aesthetic office refresh may be a step too far for many businesses right now, there are some things you can do to inject energy into your workspace while still adhering to safety guidelines.


While a cheerful Rothko may not be financially viable, adding artwork to your workspace walls can go a long way. In an office with art, employees worked approximately 15% faster than those in an austere office, reports Business Matters. Another survey showed that 94% of respondents believe that art makes their workplace more welcoming, while 61% agree it also stimulates creativity.

Most department stores have pre-framed art at a reasonable price, or you could check out the annual summer shows at art and design colleges in your city. They can be a great way to pick up an affordable piece by emerging local talent.


A renewed preoccupation with fresh air and the outdoors means that office plants are coming back into vogue – and to a windowsill near you. Many scientific studies have proven the positives of having more greenery in your workspace, from keeping the air clean to helping to reduce stress.

Plants that do well in an office environment include succulents, such as aloe and cacti, as well as rubber plants and peace lilies.

Let there be light

The importance of lighting on mood and productivity can’t be overstated. In fact, Harvard Business Review reported that natural light was the number-one office perk for employees, beating on-site cafeterias, fitness centres and even on-site childcare.

If your office lacks an abundance of natural light, consider replacing all lights with daylight bulbs. These can be fairly inexpensive and have the benefit of providing decent lighting while also looking chic. It’s worth it: the Future Workplace Employee Experience Study found 78% of employees said access to natural light and views improves their wellbeing, with 70% reporting improved work performance.

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