This is not your ordinary Pop-up Shop.,left&auto=compress,format&q=30

Want to talk shop?

Spaces offers a Pop-up shop,  a little shop in our Business club. We call it Workshop because the products on offer should be aimed at making the working life that much more attractive, fun or easy.

The Pop-up shop is straight at the entrance, making the products very visible to everyone visiting Spaces. You can make use of the large high marble table, lower marble table and have a cabinet for extra storage.

The Pop-up Shop can be yours from one week up to three months.,left&auto=compress,format&q=30

Spaces is open from 09.00 – 17.00 on weekdays, but it’s possible to organise events to promote your shop outside these business hours.

Are you an entrepreneur who has great products to offer for our Spaces community and are you looking for a shop?

Let’s have a coffee and set up shop together.

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