Long distance? Here’s 10 tips on how to manage your remote team

With the new way of working – remote offices, international time zones and busy schedules – we sometimes tend to lose sight of our coworkers. Whilst conquering the world with your dream-team, there can be quite some distance – sometimes literally – between coworkers. So, how to remotely manage your team to success?

The rise of cloud computing and sophisticated software has seen huge growth in remote working around the world. But how do you keep teams on track when members are in different cities – or even countries? Spaces has compiled a handy top 10 to help out, because who doesn’t love a good list?

1. Get it together

Whether it’s an annual away day or a simple team-bonding session, it’s important to build camaraderie by pressing the flesh every once in a while. Companies can save a fortune when they allow employees to work remotely, so why not use some of that money and throw an event for the books?

2. Manage it wisely

Ask a time-management expert for their tips on working remotely. It’s easy to let the day slip away when there’s no office structure to help as a guiding light, but regular deadlines and set goals can keep things on the straight and narrow (while also avoiding micromanaging, which has never worked anywhere ever at any point in the history of civilisation).

3. Paint a picture

Be clear about what you want to achieve with the business and tell everyone how and why you aim to achieve it with their assistance. A set of common goals not only helps people to focus but also creates the sense of teamwork that can sometimes be hard to come by when you’re all working apart.

4. Check your privilege

See working remotely as a privilege rather than a perk. Doing this reminds everyone it’s a goal they’ve had to work for, which itself acts as a good reminder that privileges can be taken away if they don’t work out. It’s about empowerment too though: studies have shown that allowing this level of freedom often results in more motivated employees.

5. Take your time

Sticking to a regular time to gather the team together via tele- or videoconference is a great way to manage projects and receive status reports from everyone involved (including you). It motivates participants to manage themselves more efficiently, and builds a sense of camaraderie as everyone works toward a common goal.

6. Do it together

Avoid allowing team members from disappearing into their own personal silos by giving them tasks that need to be completed with colleagues. It’s a good way to keep people motivated, and to mix it up between those who might not meet otherwise. And as far as increasing productivity goes, this one’s a winner.

7. Ask away

Step away from the management-speak and open doors with open-ended questions instead. Engaging with people like this engenders a sense of trust that’s crucial to building strong teams – and it always helps to get a fresh perspective when you don’t have the answer to a particular problem. Who knows, you might be pleasantly surprised by what you hear.

8. Chat it up

Not every call has to be all about work. Making small talk with a colleague lets them know you care about them a person, which will in turn make them feel valued and not just a cog in a machine. OK, you might not be totally into Brian’s aging Siamese but a few minutes commenting on his whiskers will do wonders for morale.

9. Top up the tech

There’s nothing more annoying than a glitchy connection when you’re trying to make conversation. So ensure employees are given smart tech tools for maintaining communication at the press of a button.

10. Slim it down

That said, no one likes being chased on multiple platforms asking when a piece of work will be ready. Not only is it annoying but counter-productive too, since everyone involved will waste time replying to things that never needed to be sent in the first place. It’s all about trusting employees, so choose your preferred method of communication and stick to it.


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