Working apart together

Amongst the social media rows against internet privacy and social and financial security people’s attitudes towards the internet appear to be taking a step backwards. As with most things, there are always people who are going to breach it’s usability but with increased awareness you can protect yourself and also use it to its full potential.

An age of improved connections

Call me biased, but if app designers, and computer programmers weren’t around I’d be out of a job. Business focused chat rooms and online planning have been around for a while, but only recently are they truly developed for optimum user experience to help us stay connected. There are many on the market, so choosing the one that’s right for your business, or your own needs is a top idea. Managing your team is made easy with software like Slack, and Google Hangout. For the more traditional and corporate approaches there are programmes such as Workzone that keep your talks amongst your tasks.  Working overseas is made easy, not only can you build relationships with potential businesses and individuals, you can also encourage and improve your own working relationships.

A little order in life

There are two people in the way of work. The organisational fiends and the organised messes, and either are perfectly fine as long as the job gets done. You can handpick the programme best for you and your team. Whether you’re a delegator or you’re delegated, all the functions of programmes such as Asana and Jira allow you to combine your projects and divide them into subtasks for your team to work on. Instead of pacing your office and chasing deadlines from your colleagues, you can cut out the middle man and comment on, or mark your tasks when completed. The more advanced programmes allow you to programme your own way of work, creating your own task timelines. Keeping on top of your work away from your desk has never been so easy.

Distant communication

Another argument that is central the the virtual chatting domain is that conversation is becoming less meaningful. Keeping our colleagues close has a multitude of benefits. If your work force is a happy one, you’re more likely to keep hitting your targets and dispersing work between your team becomes a lot easier whilst building trust along side it.  Don’t forget to sometimes put your work chat on hold and engage in meaningful or light hearted conversation to keep your distant partners in crime a little closer.

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