Why cafes are for coffee, not coworking

It’s estimated that around the world, two billion cups of coffee are drunk every single day. And, as good coffee is what keeps most of our brains fuelled, working from a local coffee shop can be a tempting choice for anyone working remotely.

Coffee shops have a long history of inspiring creativity. JK Rowling famously wrote the first Harry Potter book from The Elephant House café in Edinburgh, while numerous literary greats from TS Eliot to Jack Kerouac claim to have written their best work from a humble coffee bar.

However, If you need to focus on an important project, then the frequent comings and goings of customers, babies in buggies, and noise from coffee machines and smoothie makers could be distracting. There can also be security issues when using a public WiFi network.

As the world forges ahead with the Working From Anywhere (WFA) concept, we look at some of the advantages that modern coworking facilities have over working from a coffee shop.

It’s all about connection
While many cafés and bars welcome the solitary worker – they make the place look busy, buy coffee and snacks, and generally add to the buzzy atmosphere – not all proprietors appreciate lengthy stays, when using electricity and WiFi for the price of a cup of Joe. And, remember, not all WiFi networks are created equally. Poor WiFi connection can be the scourge of productivity.

In 2020, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) issued a warning about the risks of using public WiFi networks to access work-related information. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the FBI has reported a spike in cybercrime, with a 300% rise in hackers targeting public WiFi networks.

All Spaces coworking locations are equipped with secure, high-speed WiFi networks, and also have access to printers and scanners (as well as the all important coffee!) – not something offered in the local Starbucks. Working from a local coworking space can be a safe, secure solution to any cybersecurity concerns.

Get a buzz from creativity, not caffeine
One of the main reasons people prefer hybrid working, and operating across several locations, is for the energising atmosphere of an office. Modern coworking areas are designed with productivity and professionalism in mind.

Spaces locations are light, well-ventilated and equipped with ergonomic desks and chairs. Plus, the coffee is always freely available, and working alongside like-minded folk in a buzzy environment will get those creative synapses firing once again.

Let’s get social
One of the main perks to working in a smart, professional coworking space is the opportunity to network.

Modern flexspace attracts entrepreneurs, digital startups and freelancers who are all vibing on their own projects. More often than not, collaboration opportunities will pop up.

More convenient than your local coffee shop, Spaces locations are available 24/7, offer in-house support, both technical and administrative, and have enhanced data security. Desks, coworking space or meeting rooms can be booked by the hour, day or week, and most Spaces have a barista-style coffee bar in-house.

Now, who fancies a flat white?

With locations in neighbourhoods and cities around the world, come and have a coffee and a look around to see what Spaces can bring to your work day

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